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Subjects entered at 16 to 18 in 2020/2021
Art and Design (Fine Art) 16 A level 3
Biology 44 A level 3
Business Studies:Single 43 A level 3
Chemistry 32 A level 3
Computer Studies / Computing 8 A level 3
Design and Technology (Product Design) 9 A level 3
Drama and Theatre Studies 17 A level 3
Economics 37 A level 3
English Language and Literature 35 A level 3
English Literature 22 A level 3
French 10 A level 3
Geography 25 A level 3
Government and Politics 33 A level 3
History 53 A level 3
Mathematics 61 A level 3
Mathematics (Further) 6 A level 3
Music 6 A level 3
Physical Education / Sports Studies 19 A level 3
Physics 24 A level 3
Polish 1 A level 3
Psychology 99 A level 3
Religious Studies 18 A level 3
Sociology 46 A level 3
Spanish 11 A level 3
Study Skills 25 Other academic 3

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  • NE = No entries: the school or college did not enter any pupils or students for the qualifications covered by the measure
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