Historical information

There are two ways to access data from previous years.

1. We publish ‘performance over time’ data on school pages and in comparison tables, usually covering the last three years. This data might be published after the current year of data. Please see our publication timetable for details.

2. Download data for all England or by local authority, for any year back to 1991-1992. For 2014-2015, guidance documents are also available to download. We will be making copies of 2015-2016 guidance available for download as and when the currently published guidance is updated for 2016-2017.

3. For years up to 2014, you can also view archived versions of the old school performance tables website in the National Archives. You can view the performance tables themselves and you can find guidance documents, however these archives are no longer actively maintained. Some features such as search are no longer available and at times you may experience other unexpected issues. Please note that copies of the site made from Dec 2015 onwards and later are only partial copies, so should not be used as data on some pages is inaccurate. Please use our downloadable data instead.

Follow the link below, then use Quick Links on the right to access the tables:

Performance tables 1994 to 2014 opens in a new window - provides a full list of links to data and documentation going back to 1994.

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